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About Us

Karsalesman.com is designed to be used FREE by consumers who are looking to simplify the experience of buying a vehicle. And to help bring awareness to the smaller auto-related community businesses.


'Good old-fashioned American customer service, with a sense of English decorum'

Hi, I am Michael Easton, owner of this new advertising portal.www.karsalesman.com. We have. considerable experience in both auto sales and customer care and realize that car sales professionals are not the most trusted people in the business. And that it is a bit of a 'Roll the dice' moment when you walk onto a car lot to look at vehicles. You never know who will greet you or how many. Who is just too persistent, or who does not care about you. Our aim is to eliminate that horror, by dealing with the General Manager of our selected dealers WE have decided to work with. By doing this and letting the General Manager place the right salesman with you, you are guaranteed a better buying experience. 

We hope to achieve this in the following manner:

1. With Karsalesman.com‚ we have already dealt with the General Managers, after all they know their staff, and he/she has identified your salesperson. You can ask them questions about their sales process and potential vehicles available which saves you both time and money. They can help you with financing, advise you on costs, give you up to date pricing information along with all the vehicle details you want to know. ALL without leaving your home, office or car. AND all before you step foot on the car lot

2. Karsalesman.com starts the personal connection that is important for all major purchases and because you have this connection‚ your personal salesperson is already informed and ready for you when you arrive. We strive to put you the customer in the best customer care environment possible.

3. Our program speeds up the whole sales process because you do not waste your time trying to match your vehicle preferences with the salesperson.... they already know what you are looking for, and in most cases will have the desired vehicle ready to test drive.

Our hope is that this will benefit everyone in the sales process and improve customer satisfaction.


Mike Easton