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July 2018

Well we have now successfully developed a system to promote a dealerships inventory. We can attend any dealership, photograph their inventory and market those vehicles on various platforms. Enhancing that dealerships profile in the process. And every dealer we accept to can place their top sales professionals on our website FREE. Giving the sales staff their own profile. This in turn helps them, they can ask for referrals and comments, that can be added to their own page, making it easier for customers to find them - Onward and Upwards!

May 2018

We are pleased to announce that Southwest Work Trucks located at 9741 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85207, has been accepted into our new customer care program. Southwest Work Trucks specialize in used quality Work Trucks, Flat Beds, and Utility vehicles. They can be found here at www.southwestworktrucks.com. Mention Karsalesman.com and get a gift from us should you purchase a vehicle from them.

April 2018

Having adopted a new strategy Karsalesman.com are excited to announce that we are accepting qualified auto dealers to join us in promoting a new customer care experience. These dealers are selected by us, and we are limiting the number of dealers we work with. This is to ensure quality and reliability. And to absolutely look after our customers looking for specific vehicles.

November 2017

Karsalesman.com are pleased to announce that Rob Hillyard from Liberty Mutual Insurance, is offering to help all sales staff and customers with any auto related insurance questions. 

Rob Hillyard

Liberty Mutual

Insurance company